The Pentomino-Dictionary

Pentominoes are the twelve different ways that 5 squares of the same size can be combined edge to edge. They have been denoted conventionally as
F, I, L, N, P, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

Here are the few English words which can be written with these letters :

Accident sur la banquise (haïku)

Un Inuit vint.
Zinzin, il y fit pipi.
Il fut puni : pluf !

Pisse, très fêlé à igloos !

Homage to Perec

Configuration 8x8 with a 2x2 hole at the bottom-left, an X-shaped hole in the middle, and the W-pentomino not placed yet

I have found several "perecquian" configurations, such as
... etc., but the above one is probably the most interesting, as the displacement of a single pentomino makes the W fit in the hole.

Jigsaw puzzle

Georges Perec's photo, cut as a trapped pentomino puzzle

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